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Having a Corporate Event?

So you have been tasked with the role of Event coordinator?

I bet right now your thinking "where on earth do i start?" Or "the last event didn't go well?" Well in our experience we can tell you to STOP. Take a breath. We have performed at countless Charity Fundraisers and Christmas Parties and have gained so much knowledge of what works for you on the night and also what doesn't!

Lots of Ideas may be bubbling around in your head, or you have post it notes everywhere on your desk or wall? I can tell you from experience in working with previous clients that is exactly what happens! It's a great thing to do so you can get ideas written down and to think about? You want your event to be the best ever? You want the whole of your department or office talking about for ages?

We have lots of ideas we can give you from casino tables, giant scalextric, photo booths, photo mirrors. This way your giving your guests a way of being there enjoying the evening but being able to experience all sorts of exciting things to keep the atmosphere lively and entertaining all evening.

As for what we can do for you, well it's entirely up to you what you want us to do to make your event a success! We can offer you the use of a wireless mic for speeches, make relevant announcements for you by working with you so that could be sitting people down for a meal, inviting someone to make a speech and so on. With our formal but friendly approach anything can be done for you at the event. You only have to ask us or we can have a pre event meeting to go over every detail so you are safe in the knowledge that we know what to expect on the night. As with all events we do, You will be sent a music request form. This is to give us an idea of your music styles. This includes music for the drinks reception, music during a meal etc. Then your important tracks for us to play for the rest of the evening. We can also take requests from your guests so everyone no matter what they are doing will hear their music played for you!

If your wanting to know more please do fill out a contact form on here or go to to send us a message or give us a call on 07500137213. Let's talk and make your event one to remember for all the right reasons!

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