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Having a Toastmaster at Your Wedding

In the age of modern weddings, toastmasters must adapt to cater for all sorts of celebrations.

Whether the wedding is formal or informal, themed, or traditional, the toastmaster will draw on their experience and expertise to provide a service that is befitting of the style and vibe of the day. He/she can advise on etiquette and what is the ‘done’ thing – advice which couples are always receptive of and grateful for. Toastmasters provide a calming influence, settling stressful situations and giving couples and their guests the confidence to enjoy the special day.

What is the role of a toastmaster?

A toastmaster is the on-the-day coordinator for the couple’s happy day. He/she carries out the instructions received from the bride and groom, established via a pre-wedding visit to the couple. Ensuring all is set for their big day by liaising with the venue and suppliers to ensure a seamless flow of events, the toastmaster also makes sure that everything runs on time. This ensures that the wedding party sits down for the wedding breakfast on time, which ultimately removes the stress and worry from the occasion.

Key tasks include:

Organizing the receiving line,

Announcing and escorting the bride and bridegroom to the top table,

Announcing and conducting toast and speeches,

Organizing the presentation of presents and bouquets,

Announcing the cutting of the cake,

Circulating the guest book,

Announcing the retirement of the bride and bridegroom from the wedding breakfast,

Announcing the first dance for the happy couple.

Always discreet and blending into the background, but ready to assist the photographer and step in if ever required, the toastmaster is on hand if ever you need help. This means that you

never have to call on the best man or ushers to make the announcements for the day or move people from room to room, allowing every guest to relax and enjoy the day with you. The toastmaster will keep the bride and groom fully informed throughout the day so they can rest assured that everything is in safe hands.

We have worked many weddings where a Toastmaster is present, and we work tirelessly with them to make sure everything is fine and when we can start with our process in introducing the evening etc. In the lead up to the important cutting of the cake and your first dance!

We can also work with them during the day of your Wedding by offering a handheld Mic for them so when they have important announcements to be made, they can be heard wherever they are situated. we can be on hand to assist with this, so everything runs smoothly for you.

We work regularly with Toastmasters from David Tilt Associates at our resident Hotel Audleys Wood Hotel Basingstoke and they come highly recommended not just from us but previous clients too.

To find out more please do visit: where all information can be found!

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